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About Jenni

  • If I'm not careful, I can eat a whole angel food cake in one sitting.
  • I shoot with a Canon Mark III.
  • I kill plants.
  • I am married and have two precious little girls.
  • I tend to talk fast when I get excited or nervous.
  • I graduated from Bethel College in MN (2009) with a degree in music.
  • J.C. Photography has been a business since 2006.
  • I'd rather bake than cook.
  • I ran a half marathon...the whole way... (first time I ever paid money to run).
  • I was on staff for 10 years at Faith Church in Grayslake, IL as the Minister of Worship.
  • I met my husband on a blind date. (I just went for the free meal....)
  • I like making old things new. (ie: refinishing furniture)
  • My photography education has been seminars, just gettin' my hands dirty, reading books and putting myself around people who know much more than I do!
  • I hate going to the dentist.  
  • I LOVE fondue. Especially the cheese and green apples! (makes me drool just thinkin' about it)
  • Lists are my friends. Sometimes I write something on the list I've already done - just so I can cross it off. 
  • I'm allergic to cats.
  • I love Jesus.
  • Taking pictures of people brings me great joy....like deep, soul kinda joy.
  • Taking pictures of the world around me is my way of showing off God's creativity!

I also have a passion for empowering and resourcing other photographers.  In Illinois, I have two fully equipped photography studios that I rent out to local photographers.  We launched our Libertyville location in September of 2013 and our Barrington location in January of 2016.  To find out more about this part of my business, click here!  I hope to open more locations both in the Chicago area and the Sarasota area in the future!