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Their Eyes Have a Story - [Sarasota Children's Photographer]

As photographers, we all have our own style when we photograph people.  That's the fun part:  each photographer sees the world differently, has different ideas and unique creativity.  As we put our eye up to the camera and click, we have a whole world of influence/experience that shapes our end result.  

I've finally come to terms with the fact that I want my subjects to look at my camera.   I am not a true lifestyle photographer (where one captures the interaction between subjects in a non-obtrusive, beautiful way).  I need to see my subject's eyes.  When I can connect directly and powerfully, it seems to be a small glimpse into their soul.   

So yes, I am going to encourage you to look at me.  I want to see your eyes.  I want to tell your story.   I want you to interact and respond to those who may be with you at the shoot, but it is most important for me to capture the soul-peering moments.